Resources for Learning and Action

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Internet resources

The Learning

  • Meditation– Meditation Room has a variety of free guided meditations that you can play on your computer, and lists other spiritual resources.
  • The Australian Meditation Society offers a number of free resources.

Written materials

Peace is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life, by Thich Nhat Hanh, 1995. Simply written and inspiring anecdotes of Thich Nhat Hanh’s experiences in building a consciousness of peace.

Guided meditations

The deepest wisdom of life is within you waiting, waiting for you to remember. Begin with a sense of completion, that all you need, you already have, that all you need to be, you already are, that all you need to know, you already know.

Imagine that you are in a garden of wisdom, learning a new language, the language of the Earth and all her creatures. In this garden, there is no separation, in this garden there is only one language, the language of love, the language of gratitude, the language of unity.


Aware of the breath coming into your body, aware of your breath filling your lungs, aware of your breath leaving your body, aware of the contraction of the lungs as you exhale.

Breathing, filling your body with the element of air, flooding your cells, supporting you, giving you life
Exhaling, expelling toxins from your body into the element of air, supporting you, receiving your waste, transforming that which no longer serves you
Breathing in, aware of the sweetness of air
Breathing out, aware of the sweetness of life carried on the currents your breath

Breathing, feeling your body sitting in the chair, feeling the pull of gravity, feeling your physical presence in the room, held and supported by the Earth in all her forms, the trees whose life was given to form the chairs and building, the minerals that form this carbon based unit, this human form, the plant and animal kingdoms whose lives support ours in the food we eat, in the clothes we wear.

Breathing in, aware of our intricate, symbiotic connection to the Earth, breathing out, sending gratitude to the Earth and all her creatures for sharing in this life, this precious moment with us.

Breathing feeling the element of Fire, aware of the heat of your body, the heat of the summer sun, supporting you, giving you life, warming you.
Breathing out, aware of your internal heat, the heat of your passions, your love, the heat of the blood running through your veins.

Breathing in, aware of the element of fire, acknowledging the fire within, Breathing out sending gratitude to the fire element, to the sun, to the flame, to the passions that give us life and creative spark.

Breathing, feeling the element of water within your body, riding the currents of your breath, riding the currents of the water element within you, the fluidity of your physical body, the thirst of our cells, surrendering to the element of water
Breathing in, aware of the water element within
Breathing out, aware of the cleansing properties of water as it replenishes and discharges that which no longer serves us.

Breathing in, aware of the element of water, acknowledging the life giving gift of water, Breathing out sending gratitude to the water element, to the rain, the oceans the rivers and estuaries that feed us, nourish us and transform that which no longer serves us.

Breathing in, knowing that all that we need to know is within us, supported as we are by the intricate web of life, supported by all the elements by air, fire, water and earth.
Feeling our connection to the natural world
Hearing the song birds
Smelling the sweet scent of freshly mown grass
Revealing in the cool waters of a spring fed pond
Warmed by the summer sun
Held and supported by the Earth

The Earth whose wisdom is abundant
Who speaks to us through many voices, in many languages
The Earth who is always with us
Continue your journey into her abundant garden, staying within the silence of the meditation, letting it take you, wherever you need to go.
—Author unknown