What Can We Do: In Our Natural World: Some Simple Steps

  1. Simply spend time in nature, being completely open to the beauty and sensory experience of it – while just sitting and relaxing or hiking, camping, biking, swimming, etc. Some psychologists believe that feeling our connection with nature reduces stress and builds a sense of inner harmony that is psychologically healthy.
  2. Spend time particularly near the ocean, mountains, or in forests. Connecting with parts of nature that are much larger, more powerful, and long-lasting than we are helps restore a sense of balance and perspective. Even listening to recordings of the surf, or looking at pictures of mountains and forests, can evoke that sense of awe and majesty that gives us a sense of our place in the universe.
  3. Rock-climbing and gardening are very different activities, but both connect us in a very intimate way with the earth, and builds a sense of deeper connection with the earth and with our being OF the earth, not separate from it.
  4. Help with efforts to preserve the environment. Join an environmental organization, recycle waste, buy used items…There are many small and large ways to play a role in finding ways to live in greater harmony with nature. Much of our modern culture has an exploitative relationship with natural resources, and we need to find our way to a life-style that is in greater harmony with sustaining resources for future generations.