What Can We Do: In Our Natural World: Internet Resources

Sierra Club Website – The Sierra Club, founded in 1892, is one of the oldest conservation organizations in existence. With over 1.3 million members, this organization is one of the most effective and powerful at effecting changes in government and corporate America. Fighting for the preservation of land and forest, clean air and water, and a host of other issues, the Sierra Club is well-known and respected.

Natural Resources Defense Council – According to the official website, the NRDC “works to protect wildlife and wild places and to ensure a healthy environment for all life on earth.” The NRDC combines hundreds of active lawyers with over 1.2 million members to create direct and legislative change. The focus is on preventing climate change and saving endangered species, among other goals.

World Wildlife Fund – With 5 million members internationally and over 1.2 million in the States, this 45-year-old wildlife defense organization is going strong. Strongly promoting an emphasis on science, the WWF works to preserve nature and its creatures. From the organization’s website: “We are committed to reversing the degradation of our planet’s natural environment and to building a future in which human needs are met in harmony with nature. We recognize the critical relevance of human numbers, poverty and consumption patterns to meeting these goals.”

National Wildlife Federation – The National Wildlife Federation is dedicated to preserving animals in the United States and works with local agencies in the 48 contiguous states. It is one of the largest environmental organizations, with over 4 million members participating in grass-roots efforts on a variety of wildlife issues. The organization was actually founded by a cartoonist named Jay Darling (aka “Ding” Darling) in 1936 at the behest of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The Nature Conservancy – Since its inception in 1951 the Nature Conservancy has dedicated itself to saving lands and waters. With over 117 million acres sustained, 5,000 miles of rivers kept clean, and hundreds of marine conservation projects, the Nature Conservancy is one of the most successful and effective green organizations in existence. The science-based approach (they have 700 scientists on staff) is used in all conservation efforts around the world.