About Building Peace by Peace


Can you envision a culture of peace?  A peaceful world where conflicts are resolved with collaboration and mutual respect, where every person lives in dignity and every child is treated with love?   In which the environment is protected globally so that it remains healthy for people everywhere and for future generations?  In which people participate in healthy democratic processes so that decisions made truly are for the common good, and not swayed by the self-interest of the powerful?

If we can envision it, and if we use the same creativity and determination that  landed a man on the moon and unlocked the riddles of our genetic code, then surely we can collaboratively build that world or something close to it.

We  are at a point where American society cannot continue along its trajectory of increasing consumption, increasing gaps between have’s and have-not’s, of an affluent life-style that makes many  unhealthy (from lack of exercise, rich diet, stress) while others are malnourished and starving. The world is in a state of rapid change and increasing vulnerability – due to growing population, increasingly sophisticated weapons of mass destruction, growing technological and economic interconnectedness, the challenge of climate change, and limits of environmental resources.

For our children to have healthy, happy lives, there is a need for many of us to connect with our deepest inner sense of the kind of world we want, in our hearts and souls, and find a way to work together in building it.

This is perhaps the central challenge of our time – that a shared vision emerges of the kind of world we want, clear strategies to create it, that many make the commitment to become involved, to be willing to change, to grow, learn, listen, and participate in a path toward a culture of peace.

Facts:   Half of the world’s population subsists on less than $2/day.  10 million people die each year of hunger and malnutrition, one child every second.  The US military expenditures are nearly half of the total US budget.  Half of all the world’s arms are manufactured in the US.  One in 74 adult men are in prison in the US, as of 2004.  The wealthiest 1% of the population owns 50% of the wealth in the US.  

At the same time, half of the world’s population now has access to cell phones.  The entire world, including remote villages, is becoming linked by the Internet.  As an example of the tremendous potential, the Internet is providing ways for ways for individual people in developed countries to directly fund micro-credit projects that lift poor people out of poverty in developing countries.

Each of us in the US has tremendous power in our everyday lives – what we choose to buy affects the economy, what we choose to eat affects the agricultural system, the ways we treat each other affects others’ lives, the way we participate in the political process affects public decisions.   We can learn, and together find increasingly effective ways to act!  The purpose of this website it to help facilitate a process of shared learning and exploration.

My own background …

I have an MA in Sociology and a career focused mostly in environmental education and public participation.  I have been interested for many years in the process of societal change, and with many others felt uncomfortable as our country moved toward a more competitive, individualistic, consumerist culture rather than in the direction of a more harmonious connection with nature and with our global human community.  On retirement I participated in a number of organizations committed to change but felt a need for a clearer vision and strategies.   I was led to the concept of this website as a way to connect with others also wanting to learn and explore effective ways to build a culture of peace.

It is an experiment and a labor of love and hope.  I hope you will find the contents of this website exciting and helpful.  Please join in!

Judy Morgan