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I’m publisher of Wikidelphia. There is a page for Building Peace by Peace there. You can see that page here:


Comment on Violence and Nonviolence by admin Sat, 18 Jun 2011 12:52:10 +0000 Beautiful reflections, Jean!
They inspired the following thoughts regarding inward and outward violence. When I accept some of the harmful interpretations of what was going on that I unwittingly created as a child – e.g., I’m bad, there’s something wrong with me – I am more guarded, more fearful, more likely to interpret outward events as threats. I am more likely to acquiesce to and accept victimization by current situations. And further, the corresponding anger within myself – directed at myself – can easily get diverted into anger and judgment toward others. Something like…”if I don’t feel ok about myself in that area (being smart, lovable, spontaneous, etc.) , how dare you feel ok about yourself in that area?” The self-directed anger results in a contracted, competitive space.
I’m thinking perhaps peacebuilding involves letting go of all harmful interpretations, and using an overarching narrative of interpretation that we’re all seeking and fully deserve happiness, peace, connection and that no one at the level of their soul/heart means to hurt anyone.
I can imagine the “gang” in your dream so filled with unexpressed rage and grief about abuse and neglect they’ve received, that they are eager to inflict violence on others.
Anyway…these are some initial reflections that came up. Thanks again for your thoughtful and courageously honest exploration of the inward/outward!