Practice Statements

by admin on January 7, 2018

Rev. 1/3/17

These can be used for practice, with one person reading a statement and another person coming up with a depolarizing response using one of the “Dialogue Tools”.  They can also be used for role played conversations where the ‘Polarizer’ tries to represent the viewpoint of the statement and the ‘Depolarizer’ tries to engage them in dialogue.


List of Potentially Polarizing Statements


  1. Obamacare has been a total disaster and has made health care unaffordable.


  1. We need to just take away all the guns in this country, and not allow anyone to have them.


  1. It’s not fair that minorities are getting special preference in hiring.


  1. If we could just reduce taxes, everybody would make more money and the economy would do much better.


  1. There should be huge reparations to descendants of slaves, to make up for the terrible impact of slavery on African-Americans.


  1. You liberals have created a nanny state, where nobody has a sense of responsibility any more!


  1. There is way too much regulation of business – it’s stifling to growth.


  1. We should throw all our corporate CEOs in jail – they’re all corrupt.


  1. Public schools are a disaster; we need to let the market work to improve education with charter schools through competition, just like it does in the business world.


  1. If you’re a moral person you shouldn’t be eating meat – there’s so much cruelty to animals in the meat industry.


  1. We wouldn’t have a problem with poverty if we just kept poor people from having children.


  1. We should provide a welcoming space for all immigrants, stop any quotas and just open our doors to everyone who wants to come here.


  1. We need to spend more on military because the problems of terrorism and rogue states are just getting worse.


  1. Like they say, ‘you can’t fight city hall’. It’s always been that way and you’re a fool if you think any of us can make a difference.


  1. Obama was the worst president in history, and he violated the constitution with all his executive orders.


  1. Capitalism is going to end civilization, because greed is causing the destruction of all our natural resources.


  1. We need to get rid of all private banks because the banking system is so corrupt – we should just have one public bank.


  1. We’re going to end up in a war between Islam and the rest of the world.


  1. Everybody ought to home school their children; schools are just brainwashing kids to be consumers and brainless workers.


  1. Life begins at fertilization and each life is sacred, so abortion is a terrible crime.



Additional Polarizing Statements for Practice Conversations

CONVERSATION 1 – “Climate change is a hoax developed by climate experts who wanted to create jobs for themselves.”


CONVERSATION 2 – “Corporations have always been a tool for exploitation.  We need to create laws that allow only small, local businesses to exist.”


CONVERSATION 3 – “It’s businesses that are job creators; we need to stop over-regulating them and let them expand our economy.”


CONVERSATION 4 – “Charter schools are just a strategy for destroying public education – we need to put all our resources into public schools and supporting strong teachers unions”



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