Thoughts on Occupy and purpose

by admin on November 16, 2011

Following are some thoughts in trying to envision what is the core of what the Occupy movement can become. I just learned that even before Occupy Wall Street started there was a ‘Take Back the Square’ movement growing in Spain, with a similar focus.

Any comments would be welcome! Thanks!!!


The Occupy movement is part of a new political energy that is spreading around the world. Many believe it is the beginning of a global movement that recognizes the shared need for common people to challenge the short-sighted self-interest of those who currently define national policies. It is a movement for transformation, of our institutions, our values and our consciousness.

As the world population moves to 8 billion in the next 15 years, we will be experiencing increasing crises due to climate change, limitations in resources, the interconnectedness of global markets, and the corruption of many of our current institutions which block constructive resolutions of these problems.

Following is one effort to summarize the core concepts that are at the heart of this movement.


IN ONE SENTENCE: Democracy, nonviolence, caring for our community

Respect for the dignity and humanity of all people, which is the essence of nonviolence as practiced by Gandhi and Martin Luther King.
Caring for the community, the environment, and future generations, as well as for ourselves.
An effective democratic process that reflects the interests of all.


IN ONE SENTENCE: To build a healthy democracy and institutions that reflect respect for all people, the environment, and the future; and challenging and boycotting those institutions that do not.

To build healthier democratic processes that are more inclusive, transparent, uncorruptible, and that serve the interest of all citizens.
To withdraw support of large banks and large corporations that have engaged in practices destructive to people and the environment, and transfer support to businesses that operate ethically and responsibly.
To support governmental programs that are cost-effective in providing a safety net, including access to health care, for all of us, and that protect the environment for future generations.
To create new mechanisms needed to safeguard the integrity and responsibility of our public and economic institutions.


IN ONE SENTENCE: We treat all people, and ourselves, with respect, compassion, caring honesty, with the intent to creatively add to the well-being and joy of all; and we call on all others to do the same.

We seek to respect others, and ourselves, in all interactions.
We seek to listen deeply and with compassionate empathy to each other.
We communicate what we want and need as individuals with caring honesty.
We seek the win-win, or all-win, solution in every conflict.
We creatively add to our own and others’ happiness and joy whenever we can.

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